Collecting & Imaging

Consultants are available 24/7. Working closely with clients, 4MAT Data Solutions can conduct search and seizure operations, working to within strict ACPO guidelines, ensuring evidence is captured and integrity and chain of custody maintained throughout the process, removing the prospect of damage or tamperingof the original data.

Out of hours service or covert operations can be provided, collecting data and conducting onsite imaging. Covert operations means that data can be retrieved without a suspect becoming aware that they are being investigated, and as the data capture is undertaken onsite, the day to day running of the company isn't affected.

4MAT Data Solutions provides a series of services to our customers including:

  • Global Data Collection & Forensic Imaging
  • Network Investigations and Audit - identify security risks
  • E-mail & Internet Investigations - including Due Dilligence and Open Source reports
  • Fraud & Corporate Investigations
  • Surveillance & Covert Operations
  • Expert Witness
  • Secure Data Erasure
  • TSCM - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Support Services - outsourcing or short term contracts
  • Training