Network Audit & Security Check

  • How many servers have I got?
  • What are they running?
  • Are they patched correctly?
  • What is activating the AV (Anti Virus software)?
  • Is anybody taking information off the server?

These are questions that are asked daily by Heads of Departments, and should be addressed before the phone call has to be made "Help, I think I've been hacked or had my data stolen"

4MAT Data Solutions can provide detail analysis by certified professionals of your server and computers, providing audit information of installed software, identify vulnerabilities, and advise on Internet usage protocols. After all, if you have taken time to ensure that preventative measures are in place, there is less likelihood of having to undertake time consuming and costly investigations after an incident has happened. Audits can be undertaken at a time to suit you, e.g. outside office hours to prevent disruption to your daily routine.