• Are you setting up a new Hi-Tech Forensic Unit?
  • Do you need to teach your staff new methodologies?
  • Do you need a bespoke solution to a particular investigation?

4MAT Data Solutions uses instructors of the highest calibre, who have applied what is taught in the classroom to real life scenarios.

Courses currently available are:

  • Search and Seizure – teaches investigators what to look for and how to conduct searches in different scenarios.
  • HELIX - This course has already been taught around the world to Law Enforcement and corporate investigation teams looking to understand the complexities of live data previewing and acquisition.
  • LIVE Forensics - explores Triage Forensics and examination of RAM, with an emphasis on the identification of malware, passwords and user data held in volatile memory.
  • AccessData Products - How to install, configure and use any of the AccessData range of products:
    • Forensic Toolkit
    • PRTK
    • Registry Viewer
    • FTK Imager
    • AD Triage
    • AD LAB/ECA
    • AD Enterprise
    • AD eDiscovery
    • AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) preparation